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An open public mailing list for discussion of whole-organism research into Phylum Annelida and allied groups.

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ANNELIDA list has been running very successfully since 1995. It is one of the many lists provided to the international biological research community courtesy of the BIOSCI/BIONET system. Unlike most Bionet groups ANNELIDA is not also carried on USENET News servers. Access is via e-mail and WWW only.

ANNELIDA encompasses polychaetes, clitellates (oligochaetes and leeches), Pogonophora, Vestimentifera, Echiura, and other worm groups with possible ancient annelid affinities. Discussion is moderated, which means spammers cannot abuse the service to get their unwelcome advertising messages into your computer. ANNELIDA has an official charter, but it is loosely applied. ANNELIDA list members welcome any contributions of news, advice, questions, and discussion related to the segmented worms. The flow of messages varies, with probably on average about one per day. Geoff Read set up ANNELIDA list and moderates it. Contact him for further information or for technical help, but only if your problem is not solved by the instructions in the next paragraph.

Anyone may join/leave the list freely and send messages. To subscribe or unsubscribe yourself automatically send only the line 'subscribe annelida' or 'unsubscribe annelida' in the body of an e-mail (leave subject blank) to <biosci-server@net.bio.net>, and you can also send the line 'help' for a list of commands. A 'majordomo' program will take the appropriate action and send you a computer-generated reply; please save the instructions for future reference. New subscribers will receive a computer-generated message asking for confirmation of the intention to subscribe (this also serves to test your e-mail address). Once a month you will receive the general BIONET help message sent to all lists. Please keep ONE of these for future reference. The <annelida@net.bio.net> address is the one to use to send e-mail to all your colleagues on the list (Do not send subscribe/unsubscribe messages to that address.).

Monthly archives of past ANNELIDA messages are available at Bionet organised by subject, date, or author. For example the recent archives for September 1999, October 1999 and November 1999, and December 1999, and January 2000, and February 2000 and March 2000. You can also search all the ANNELIDA archive at Bionet. Participate and enjoy !

If you change e-mail addresses, then please first unsubscribe using your old address and resubscribe from the new. Otherwise you may have to ask for a special unsubscribe by writing to <biosci-help@net.bio.net>. It will probably be a few days before someone reads the mail and takes action.

In mid December 1999, BIOSCI/Bionet moved, and is now hosted at the Human Genome Mapping Project - Resource Centre. Some file names, for example the archive file names, have been updated. You may need to revise your Bookmarks.

Last update 15 March 2000 by Geoff Read

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