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Ward and Fauchald Polychaete Bibliography

Literature on the Polychaeta (Annelida). 2nd Edition. (1997) by Linda A. Ward and Kristian Fauchald.

Note added April 2007. It will be obvious some or most of the information on this old page is out of date (Sadly nobody uses Papyrus much anymore do they?). However, the bibliography files are still available linked here.

The bibliography files made available here for the first time via internet downloading cover nearly 300 years of polychaete-related literature from 1705 to 1997.

The bibliography is a Papyrus database, but there is also a version of the bibliography converted for EndNote users for those without Papyrus (a program with Dos and Mac versions). If you have neither program then there are free viewers for them (see below). Also a comma-delimited text version is available for loading into other general-purpose database programs, but lacks the keywords and notes of the other versions. A modified online searchable Filemaker version of the bibliography has been made available (March 2000) by Fabian Haas of the Sektion fuer Biosystematische Dokumentation, Universität Ulm, Germany.

Search Ward & Fauchald online at Universität Ulm.

The files are mostly stored in compressed zip format. Talk to your local computer expert if you don't know how to handle such files. Macintosh users can also extract the files by using a Mac utility such as ZipIt or Unzip. You should be able to find a suitable program at the Info-Mac HyperArchive. (Alternatively you can download the files to a PC, or a Mac emulating a PC, unzip them and copy them to your Mac.) The Papyrus files have also been packaged in a self-extracting Macintosh archive. Questions concerning the bibliography itself and the content of the files should be directed to Linda Ward. Otherwise please ask the respective program vendors for help with using their software.

OK, that's enough of a preamble. Now where is the bibliography?

Linda's README

Linda Ward's README document contains much essential information and the links to download the files.

Pssst! These two highlighted links are to the FREE viewer for Papyrus (called the PAPYRUS Retriever) and the EndNote Trial version. And here are the links to the Papyrus and EndNote home pages.

Maintained by Geoff Read. First online April 1997. Last update 13 June 2002.

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