Polychaeta: Spionida

Spionida unique characters : Polychaeta with a pair of peristomial grooved feeding palps, with nuchal organs forming posterior projections.

Spionida extended diagnosis: Head blunt or conical and head appendages usually one pair of long food-gathering palps. Eyespots and a short median sensory 'antenna' lobe can be present. Pharynx unarmed, sac-like and at least partly eversible. Parapodial lobes usually well developed and lamella-like. Notochaetae and neurochaetae consist of simple capillaries, hooks, and spines.

Spionida remarks: Families Apistobranchidae, Longosomatidae, Magelonidae, Poecilochaetidae, Spionidae, Trochochaetidae, Uncispionidae, and perhaps Chaetopteridae.

Unique character summary modified after Rouse, G.W.; Pleijel, F. (2001). Polychaetes. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 354 p.

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