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Euzonus of Family Opheliidae

Euzonus Grube 1866

Type species: Euzonus articus Grube 1866

Diagnosis of Euzonus : Prostomium tip sharply conical; prostomial eyes present. Parapodia reduced, chaetae capillaries only, segmental eyes absent. Body said to be regionalised by virtue of morphology of certain segments as follows: intersegmental constriction between chaetigers 2-3; longer capillaries may be present on ist few chaetigers; chaetiger 10 with glandular ridge, fold, or cirri or papillae; branchiae not present until chaetiger 11-14, absent posteriorly, single, paired or pectinate. Pygidium with anal cirri.

Source: Much modified from sources including Santos, C.S.G.; Nonato, E.F.; Petersen, M.E. (2004). Two new species of Opheliidae (Annelida: Polychaeta): Euzonus papillatus sp. n. from a northeastern Brazilian sandy beach and Euzonus mammillatus sp. n. from the continental shelf of southeastern Brazil. Zootaxa 478: 1-12. .

Remarks: Includes Lobochesis Hutchings & Murray, 1984

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