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Dipolydora of Family Spionidae

Dipolydora Verrill 1879

Type species: Polydora concharum Verrill 1881

Diagnosis of Dipolydora : Spionid with prostomium rounded or incised, extending posteriorly as caruncle. Chaetiger 1 WITH notochaetae. Chaetiger 5 modified with major spines with or without more slender 'companion' chaetae, few capillary notochaetae, or these absent. Bidentate hooded hooks with NARROW angle between teeth, WITHOUT constriction or manubrium on shaft; first appearing on chaetiger 7-17. Posterior notopodial spines present or absent. Branchiae absent from chaetiger 5, present thereafter (beginning 6-9) and continuing for variable number of segments. Pygidium disc-like with or without separate lobes or reduced to small lobes or cuffs. Gut usually WITH gizzard-like structure.

Source: GBR modified after Blake (1996).

Remarks: NZ spp. Close to Polydora. Blake (1996) arranged in informal groups.

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