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Annelida Researchers

How to find an Annelida specialist?

Annelid Resources at www.annelida.net no longer provides a static directory of researcher e-mails, addresses, and interests. However, a page is available for researchers to put their own information online immediately by way of a comment at the Annelida Life Blog pages. Please try it out. Otherwise, if you want to record yourself on the internet as an Annelida researcher you can try one of the sites suggested below.

Know the name of the person? You can search Google. If the person has published recently their email will usually be available at a journal publisher. If you use bibliographic software perhaps you have imported their address already. Or they may have a web page at their institute. Or they may have posted a message to Annelida list. There is an archive of all Annelida list messages.

Want to find a person to help you with a topic? Again you can search for relevant postings in the Annelida archive. There are a few sites still presenting directories of experts likely to include Annelida specialists, especially taxonomists. These become out of date because they don't require users to update their entries. But here are some. There is the World Taxonomist Database at ETI Bioinformatics. There is OceanExpert (or the Global Directory of Marine (and Freshwater) Professionals), a database of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)of UNESCO. There is D A I S I E, the European Alien Species Expertise Registry. The Global Taxonomy Initiative maintains a list with more expertise databases for taxonomy, as does the NBII portal, the American 'National Biological Information Infrastructure' site (look under Toolkit / Expertise). (Note that TRED, the Taxonomic Resources and Expertise Directory is for USA and Canada only, and that COS, the Community of Science database, is a fee-based service, not likely to be accessible unless your institute subscribes.)

Old PRO lists. PRO (Polychaete Researchers Online) began in 1994. The old lists are no longer online, except possibly outdated ones at Biocollections.org. This is a 'ghost' site, no longer maintained by its owner. Requests to have Annelida Resources old pages removed from it have had no result as yet, and several years have elapsed since the first request.

Maintained by Geoff Read, gread at actrix.gen.nz. Last edit 24 April 2007.