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Fifth International Polychaete Conference Titles and Authors

This list first appeared in CHAETOZONE Eight, August 1995

This list, which is provisional and not in any way official, has all proposed titles from the 1995 Qingdao International Conference program including those of author(s) absent from the meeting. Some of the unpresented papers will still be in the conference volume. I have tried to include last-minute title changes and new papers and posters but I missed checking a few posters. If nothing else it is a good snap-shot of current work-in-progress around the world.

O = Oral presentation
P = Poster presentation
K = Keynote speech
? = Don't know
X = Not read or shown

1. S. V. ALYOMOV: Some aspects of Nereis diversicolor O.F. Muller (Polychaeta, Annelida) interaction with oil pollution. (Ukraine, X).

2. H. BARTELS-HARDEGE, Jorg D. HARDEGE and Peter P. FONG: Reproduction and allozyme electrophoretic differences in three sibling species of the genus Hediste, H. diversicolor, H. limnicola, and H. japonica. (UK, P).

3. M. Nechama BEN-ELIAHU, Dieter FIEGE and Helmut ZIBROWIUS: Shelf and deep-water Serpulidae of the eastern Mediterranean with particular emphasis on the Levant Basin. (Israel, O).

4. F. BENOIT, S. BRENTOT and Christian RETIERE: Spatial structure perception by adults of Nereis diversicolor O. F. Muller. (France, ?P).

5. Michel BHAUD: Polychaete larvae in the water mass; impact of physical processes on life cycles. (France, O,K)

6. Michel BHAUD and Jae-Hoon CHA: A new experimental design to study the reorganisation of larval distribution during settlement; an example: Eupolymnia nebulosa, Terebellidae. (France, P).

7. Claudia Silvia BREMEC and A. M. ROUX: Benthic polychaetes of San Jorge Gulf, Argentina. (Argentina, X).

8. S. BRENOT and Christian RETIERE: Biology of polychaetes populations and eco-ethology. Temperature and food as factors inducing spawning of Nereis diversicolor in the laboratory. (France, ?P).

9. Temir A. BRITAYEV: Intraspecific colour pattern variability of the commensal polychaete Arctonoe vittata. (Russia, X).

10. Temir A. BRITAYEV, D. MARTIN and A. N. SEVERTZOV: Symbiotic polychaetes: A brief review of known species. (Russia/Spain, X).

11. Carola BUHRMANN and Wilfried WESTHEIDE: Spermatogenesis and sperm ultrastructure in Syllidae. II. Petitia amphophthalma (Eusyllinae). (Germany, P).

12. Galina N. BUZHINSKAJA: Flotidae, a new family of pelagic polychaetes. (Russia, O).

13. Sheila C. BYERS: Re-examination of the family Oweniidae (Polychaeta) in British Columbia, Canada: a contribution to the status of cosmopolitan species. (Canada, P).

14. M. J. CARDELL and Rafael SARDA: Population dynamics and production of a benthic invertebrate assemblage heavily affected by organic pollution off Barcelona (Spain). (Spain, P).

15. Franklin D. CARRASCO: The sublittoral macrobenthic fauna off Punta Coloso, Antofagasta, northern Chile: high persistence of the polychaete assemblage. (Chile, O).

16. A. CASTELLI, M. VACCHI and M. LA MESA: Ecological role of polychaetes in the diet of some Antarctic nototheniid fish. (Italy, ?P).

17. M. CHEN, Baoling WU and F. P. HUANG: Ecology, reproduction and larval development of Spirorbis (Paralaeospira) levinson of the Great Wall Bay, Antarctica. (China, ?P).

18. J. W. CHOI, J. H. LEE and C. K. KIM: Secondary production of a nereid species, Perinereis aibuhitensis on an intertidal mudflat of the west coast of Korea. (Korea, P).

19. Thomas G. DAHLGREN: Two new species of Dysponetus (Polychaeta: Chrysopetalidae) from Italy and Papua New Guinea. (Sweden, P).

20. Hongyue DANG and S. SUN: On an organic pollution indicator, Metoncholaimus moles (Nematoda) and its predation on Capitella capitata in Qingdao Cove. (China, O).

21. Daniel DAUER: Functional morphology and feeding behavior of two species of spionid polychaetes with contrasting feeding modes. (USA, O).

22. J. D. DELGADO, J. NUNEZ and M. PASCUAL: Distribution and importance of feeding guilds in epibiotic polychaeta of three algal species in an intertidal zone of Tenerife (Canary Islands). (Spain, P).

23. N. DESROY, F. OLIVIER and C. C. RETIERE: Regulation of Pectinaria koreni recruits populations (benthoplanktonic species): influence of hydrodynamism and inter-individual interactions. (France, O).

24. Z. H. DING, Guenter PURSCHKE and Monika MUELLER: Ultrastructural difference on taxonomic marker of the segmental ocelli of two Polyophthalmus (Polychaeta: Opheliidae) species. (China/Germany, O).

25. Danny EIBYE-JACOBSEN: A new species of Scolelepis (Polychaeta: Spionidae) from Phuket Island, Thailand. (Denmark, P).

26. Ragnar EIDE: Reciprocal viability differences in crosses between Ophryotrocha puerilis and O. p. siberti (Dorvilleidae, Polychaeta). (Sweden, O).

27. Kristian FAUCHALD: Recent advances in systematics and phylogeny. (USA, O,K).

28. Jean-Pierre FERAL and Evelyne DERELLE: Phylogeny of hydrothermal vent annelids (Alvinellidae: Polychaeta) as revealed by partial 28S rRNA sequencing. (France, ?P).

29. Ma Ana FERNANDEZ-ALAMO: The distribution of holoplanktonic polychaetes from the eastern Pacific Ocean. (Mexico, P).

30. Dieter FIEGE and Markus BOEGGEMANN: The proboscideal papillae of some European Glyceridae. (Germany, P).

31. Dieter FIEGE and Ruiping SUN: Serpulidae of Hainan Island, South China Sea. (Germany, O).

32. Inez GAMENICK and Olav GIERE: Ecophysiological studies on the Capitella capitata complex: respiration and sulfide exposure. (Germany, O).

33. J. M. GARMENDIA, A. SANCHEZ-MATA, M. LASTRA and J. MORA: Population dynamics of polychaetes in subtidal sandy bottoms of an estuary. (Spain, ?P).

34. Glenys GIBSON: Effects of maternal investment on variable larval development in Boccardia proboscidea (Spionidae). (USA, P (via L. Levin)).

35. Olav GIERE: Experiencing the delimitations of the taxon "Polychaeta": Questidae - new data on the "oligochaetoid polychaetes". (Germany, O).

36. Chris J. GLASBY: A biogeography of the Namanereidinae (Polychaeta: Nereididae). (Australia, O).

37. Laura GONZALEZ-ORTIZ, HERNANDEZ-ALCANTARA and Vivianne SOLIS-WEISS: The Onuphidae of the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Tuantepec, Mexican Pacific. (Mexico, P).

38. M. Flavia GRAVINA, A. SOMASCHINI and G. D. ARDIZZONE: Long-term changes in the polychaete populations of an artificial habitat in the Mediterranean Sea. (Italy, P).

39. Karen GREEN: Petaloclymene pacifica, new genus and species of Maldanidae (Polychaeta). (USA, P).

40. Michael G. HADFIELD, C. UNABIA and E. CARPIZO: Factors promoting settlement of the important fouling worm Hydroides elegans. (USA, O,K).

41. Jorg D. HARDEGE, Matthew G. BENTLEY and L. SNAPE: Sediment preferences of juveniles. (UK, X).

42. I. HAYASHI and S. YAMANE: Further observations of recently found sensory organ in some Euniciforms, with special reference to Lumbrineris longifolia (Polychaeta, Lumbrineridae). (Japan, O).

43. Colin O. HERMANS: Ralph Ingram Smith, July 3, 1916 - May 12, 1993. (USA, O,K).

44. Jae-Sang HONG and Rae-Hong JUNG: Distribution and abundance of soft- bottom polychaetes in the Yellow Sea. (Korea, O).

45. H. L. HSIEH: Self-fertilization may contribute to a dense sabellid population in the mangrove swamp of northern Taiwan. (Taiwan, O).

46. Pat HUTCHINGS: Role of polychaetes of coral reefs. (Australia, O).

47. Pat HUTCHINGS and Ralph I. SMITH: A new species of terebellid from New Zealand. (Australia, X [announced for conf. proceedings]).

48. S. M. IGNATYEV: The pelagical polychaete in community macroplankton of central-eastern Atlantic. (Ukraine, X).

49. V. V. IVIN: Seasonal dynamics of intensity of reproduction and fecundity in Circeis armoricana (St Joseph, 1984). (Russia, X).

50. Igor A. JIRKOV: Towards a generic revision of the Ampharetidae (Annelida: Polychaeta). (Russia, X).

51. Igor JIRKOV and N. PARAKETSOVA: Review of the North European and Arctic Micronephthys (Polychaeta: Nephtyidae). (Russia, X).

52. Rae-Hong JUNG and Jae-Sang HONG: Taxonomy and distribution of the family Nephtyidae (Polychaeta) from the Yellow Sea. (Korea, P).

53. Rae-Hong JUNG, Jae-Sang HONG and Jae-Hac LEE: Temporal changes of community structure in two subtidal polychaete assemblages in Kwang-Yang Bay, Korea. (Korea, P).

54. Joseph D. KANAGARAJ and A. SUBRAMANIAN: A toxic onuphid polychaete Onuphis basipicta from the Indian Coast. (India, X).

55. Jorgen B. KIRKEGAARD: The distribution of abyssal Opheliidae, Polychaeta. (Denmark, P).

56. Phyllis KNIGHT-JONES: A review of Megalomma (Sabellidae): two new species and a new genus. (UK, P).

57. Michael KUPER and Wilfried WESTHEIDE: Spermatogenesis and sperm ultrastructure in Syllidae. I. Sphaerosyllis hermaphrodita (Exogoninae). (Germany, P).

58. Paulo da Cunha LANA, E. C. G. COUTO and M. V. ALMEIDA: Distribution and abundance of polychaetes in mangroves of a subtropical estuary. (Brazil, O). 59. Jean-Paul LECHAPT: Two new species of Hyalinoecia (Polychaeta, Onuphidae) from deep zones off New Caledonia (Southwest Pacific Ocean). (France, O).

60. Jesus Angel de LEON-GONZALEZ: Glyceridae, Goniadidae and Nephtyidae from soft bottom environment of the western coast of Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. (Mexico, X).

61. Lisa A. LEVIN: Ecological consequences of reproductive and larval development patterns in polychaetes. (USA, O,K).

62. Lisa A. LEVIN, N. BLAIR, D. DEMASTER and G. PLAIA: Rapid subduction of recently deposited algae and other materials by polychaetes on the North Carolina Slope (850m). (USA, O).

63. Lisa A. LEVIN, H. CASWELL, T. BRIDGES and C. DIBACCO: Demographic responses of polychaetes to sewage, algae, and hydrocarbon enrichment. (USA, P (title change)).

64. Eduardo LOPEZ, Guillermo SAN MARTIN and Maria JIMENEZ: Syllidae from the Chafarinas Islands (South West Mediterranean Sea). (Spain, P).

65. Lawrence L. LOVELL: A review of six species of Nephtys (Cuvier, 1917) (Nephtyidae: Polychaeta) described from the N. E. Pacific. (USA, O).

66. Lin LU, Qiquan WU and F. W. ZHENG: Ecology of soft intertidal polychaetes in the Xiamen area, China. (China, ?P).

67. Chui-Yuen LUN, Fu-Shiang CHIA and Wai-Tong TANG: Chemical composition and ultrastructure of the calcareous tubes of three bio-fouling worms - Spirorbis spirorbis, Dexiospira foraminosa and Hydroides elegans. (Hong Kong, O).

68. Andrew S. Y. MACKIE: A new species of Micronephthys (Polychaeta: Nephtyidae) from Hong Kong. (UK, P).

69. Andrew S. Y. MACKIE, C. PARMITER and Lily K. Y. TONG: The distribution and diversity of Polychaeta in the southern Irish Sea. (UK, O).

70. Daniel MARTIN, Jae-Hoon CHA, C. NOZAIS and Michel R. BHAUD: Effects of quantity and quality of food on growth and life cycle of Eupolymnia nebulosa (Polychaeta, Terebellidae). (Spain/France, P).

71. R. MARTY and Christian RETIERE: Biology of polychaete populations and eco-ethology, larval, postlarval and juvenile biology of Nereis diversicolor. (France, ?P).

72. Tomoyuki MIURA: Polychaetes accompanied by submarine fumaroles in Kagoshima Bay. (Japan, P).

73. Monika C. MUELLER: The nervous system of two nerillid species. (Germany, O).

74. V. V. MURINE: The pelagic larvae of Black Sea Polychaeta. (Ukraine, X).

75. Trung Tinh NGUYEN: The preliminary study on Polychaeta on coral reefs of the coastal waters of Khanh Hoa Province, South Vietnam. (Vietnam, ?P).

76. Jorge NUNEZ, Oscar OCANA and M. Carmen BRITO: Two new species (Fauveliopsidae and Nerillidae) and other polychaetes from the marine lagoon cave of Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote (Canary Islands). (Spain, P).

77. Kenji OKOSHI: A new Vanadium accumulator, the fan worm, Pseudopotamilla occelata. (Japan, P).

78. I. I. OVSYANNIKOVA and A. V. SILINA: Polychaetes in the epibiose of the Japanese scallop under increased anthropogenic pollution. (Russia, X).

79. M. PASCUAL, J. NUNEZ and J. D. DELGADO: On some reproductive events in Brania pusilla (Polychaeta: Syllidae: Exogoninae) endobiontics of sponges from North-Atlantic islands. (Spain, P).

80. Mary E. PETERSEN: Contribution to a revision of Chaetopterus Cuvier (Polychaeta: Chaetopteridae): Redescription of C. appendiculatus Grube and C. cautus Marenzeller, with comments on some other species. (Denmark, O).

81. Mary E. PETERSEN and Temir A. BRITAYEV: A new genus and species of polynoid scaleworm commensal with Chaetopterus appendiculatus Grube, from Ambon, the Banda Sea, Indonesia, with a review of commensals of Chaetopterus (Annelida: Polychaeta). (Denmark/Russia, P).

82. Susana PINEDO, Rafael SARDA and Daniel MARTIN: Spatial variability in population structure of Owenia fusiformis Delle Chiaje (Annelida: Polychaeta) from the Bay of Blanes (Western Mediterranean Sea). (Spain, ?P).

83. Christian PLATE: Taxonomy and ecology of arctic polychaetes in North- West Spitzbergen. (Germany, X).

84. Guenter PURSCHKE: Ultrastructure of nuchal organs in polychaetes. (Germany, O).

85. Guenter PURSCHKE and Alexander B. TZETLIN: Dorsolateral ciliary folds in the polychaete foregut: structure, prevalence and phylogenetic significance. (Germany/Russia, ?P).

86. Pei-Yuan QIAN: Comparative studies of daily recruitment and early juvenile mortality of biofouling polychaetes in Hong Kong. (Hong Kong, O).

87. Pei-Yuan QIAN and Fu-Shiang CHIA: Structure of feeding palp and feeding behavior of the spionid polychaete Polydora polybranchia. (Hong Kong, P).

88. Jian-Wen QIU and Baoling WU: Population dynamics and production of Perinereis nuntia (Savigny) in Qingdao. (China, P).

89. Vasily I. RADASHEVSKY: Fifth setiger spines homology in Polydora and related genera (Polychaeta: Spionidae). (Russia, X).

90. Don J. REISH and Tom V. GERLINGER: Review of the use of polychaetes in marine toxicological research. (USA, O,K).

91. A. ROHRIG: Settlement cues and tolerance for poor substrates in Marenzelleria viridis (Polychaeta: Spionidae) explain the high success of its immigration. (Germany, P).

92. Alexander V. RZHAVSKY: Polychaetes of the Commander Islands. (Russia, X).

93. Chantal SALEN-PICARD: Sediment reworking by feeding activity of Capitella sp. (France, ?P).

94. Guillermo SAN MARTIN, Diana. IBARZABAL, Maria JIMENEZ and Eduardo LOPEZ: Haplosyllides floridana Augener, 1924, (Polychaeta: Syllidae: Syllinae) endobiontic of Xetospongia muta (Porifier: Demospongia) from Cuba: Taxonomy, intraspecific variability and biology. (Spain/Cuba, ?P).

95. Michail V. SAPHONOV: Nerillids from the White Sea with a discussion of the phylogeny of the family Nerillidae. (Russia, X).

96. Marina A. SAPHRONOVA: Geographic distribution of species from the Pista cristata complex in the northern part of the world ocean. (Russia, X).

97. Rafael SARDA, Susana PINEDO and Daniel MARTIN: Comparative study on the trophic structure of the soft-bottom assemblages in the Bay of Blanes (Western Mediterranean Sea). (Spain, O).

98. Manasori SATO: Polychaete fauna in tidal flats of Isahaya Bay in Ariake Sea, Kyushu, Japan. (Japan, P).

99. Waka SATO-OKOSHI: Microstructure of scallop and oyster shells infested with boring Polydora. (Japan, O).

100. Amelie. H. SCHELTEMA: Aplacophoran molluscs: deep-sea analogs to polychaetes. (USA, O).

101. Rudolf S. SCHELTEMA, Isabelle P. WILLIAMS and James A. BLAKE: Observations of polychaete larvae in the region west of the Antarctic Peninsula. (USA, O).

102. N. G. SERGEEVA, V. E. ZAIKA and M. I. KISSELEVA: Life cycle and ecological demands of larval and adult Victoriella zaikai Kisseleva 1992 (Chrysopetalidae) in the Black Sea. (Ukraine, X).

103. Nikola SHALOVENKOV: The ecological background and species diversity of polychaetes in a tropical estuarine area (West Africa). (Ukraine, X).

104. Jacek SICINSKI: Polychaeta of Herve Cove: contribution to the knowledge of antarctic coastal and shelf ecosystems. (Poland, X).

105. Andrew V. SIKORSKI: On the identity of Laonice bahusiensis Soderstrom, 1920, and Laonice cirrata (Sars, 1851). (Russia, X).

106. Nomiki SIMBOURA and Artemis NICOLAIDOU: New records of polychaetes (Polychaeta) from Greece with ecological and zoogeographical remarks. (Greece, P).

107. T. Y. SITNIKOVA, D. Yu SHERBAKOV, O. K. KLISHKO and E. S. POBEREZHNYI: Siberian freshwater polychaete species of the genus Manayunkia. (Russia, X).

108. M. A. SKULYARI: Larval development of Sphaerosyllis erinaceus Claparede, 1863 from Black Sea. (Ukraine, X).

109. Vivianne SOLIS-WEISS, A. GRANADOS-BARBA, V. OCHOA-RIVERA and A. CORONA-RODRIGUEZ: The Spionidae of the Mexican region of the Gulf of Mexico. (Mexico, O).

110. Vivianne SOLIS-WEISS, Alejandro GRANADOS-BARBA, Victor OCHOA-RIVERA, A. CORONA-RODRIGUEZ and Pablo HERNANDEZ-ALCANTARA: Atlas of the polychaetous annelids of the southern Gulf of Mexico. (Mexico, P).

111. Alessandra SOMASCHINI, G. D. ARDIZZONE and M. Flavia GRAVINA: Long- term changes in a polychaete community on artificial habitats. (Italy, P).

112. Vladimir A. SVESHNIKOV: Life cycles of polychaetes: ecological typology. (Russia, X).

113. H. G. TRAPIDO-ROSENTHAL, I. B. KUFFNER, L. MCDOWELL and K. A. COATES: Paraphyly of the annelids: all annelids are not segmented worms. (Canada, P).

114. Hiroaki TSUTSUMI and Miki FUKUYAMA: Nutritional conditions influence the larval development in a capitellid polychaete, Capitella sp. 1. (Japan, O).

115. Alexander B. TZETLIN: Giant pelagic larvae of the family Phyllodocidae from the Indian Ocean. (Russia, X).

116. Alexander B. TZETLIN and Guenter PURSCHKE: Evolution of the foregut in Annelida. (Russia/Germany, X).

117. O. O. USHAKOVA: Development of the nervous system in 5 species of Polychaetes of different systematic positions and types of development. (Russia, X).

118. Santiago VILLORA-MORENO: Environmental heterogeneity and the biodiversity of interstitial polychaeta. (France, P).

119. Santiago VILLORA-MORENO: A new Nerillidae (Annelida, Polychaeta) from a submarine cave with deep-sea like environment. (France, P).

120. J. WARZOCHA and J. ROKICKI: Long term changes in polychaete populations in the southern Baltic. (Poland, X).

121. Charlotte WATSON-RUSSELL: Patterns of growth and setal development in the deep-sea worm Strepternos didymopyton (Polychaeta: Chrysopetalidae). (Australia, O).

122. Wilfried WESTHEIDE: The reading direction of the annelid evolution. (Germany, O,K).

123. H. WROGEMANN: Energetic potential of Marenzelleria viridis (Verrill 1873) and population dynamics consequences. (Germany, ?P).

124. Bao-Ling WU and Pei-Yuan QIAN: Polychaete research in China: History and prospects. (China, O,K (presented by Qian)).

125. Bao-Ling WU, Ding ZHIHU and Wilfried WESTHEIDE: Meiofaunal polychaetes from China - exposed sandy beaches and shallow subtidal. (China, P).

126. Qiquan WU: Polychaete ecology in soft-bottom habitats in the Western of Taiwan Strait. (China, P).

127. Yu YANG and Pei-Yuan QIAN: Immunocytochemical detection of MIP-like substance in Perinereis nuntia (Polychaeta, Annelida). (Hong Kong, O).

128. Sonling ZHANG and Sun DAOYUAN: A new genus of Capitellidae and a new combination from the Yellow Sea and Eastern Sea of the China Sea. (China, P).

129. FengWu ZHENG, Q. Y. WU and Lu LIN: Ecology of polychaeta at rocky intertidal zone in Xiamen Harbour. (China, ?P).

130. N. V. ZHUKOVA and V. I. RADASHEVSKY: Fatty acids of symbiotic spionids (Polychaeta: Spionidae) and their hosts as indicators of food sources and trophic relations. (Russia, X).

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