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Items here tend to be the support and information links for people who already know something about annelids. For a few general background links and links to classification of various groups see the taxonomy page. Here we cover Polychaete research, Oligochaete/leech research, annelid-allies research, useful software, and some miscellaneous taxonomy links. Some links in the field-trips page might just as well be here also. So check there too.

New annelid name statistics: A summary is provided by BIOSIS. There were 5122 new annelid names from 1978 to 1998 (Zoological Record volumes 115 to 134). To put that in context Hartman listed 11,000 original polychaete names to 1965, and Reynolds and Cook listed over 7000 original oligochaete names to 1992. The number of synonyms amongst those names is considerable but unknown.

Search for taxa (url currrent at Oct'03): The polychaete species and genera occurences in Zoological Record since 1978 may be searched for via Index to organism names ION = public TRITON, Taxonomy_Resource_and_Index_To_Organism_Names on BIOSIS website.

Use the Taxonomy browser at NCBI to find sequences and other molecular information on Polychaetes and other Annelids.

Nomenclature guide: The conventions of usage everyone (yes, everyone) must observe when writing species names.

Book reviews: Is that new annelid book worth your money? Can it be recommended? The critics speak.

Annelid Allies Research Resources

Actually 'annelid allies,' except sipunculans, are mostly thought to be annelids these days. Most of the external information on Pogonophora and vestimentifera vent worms is linked on the
field-trips page, with some links on echiura and sipunculans on the taxonomy page. See also the worm-allies people page.

Some links to Software Resources for Annelid Biologists

Miscellaneous Taxonomy links

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