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Neosabellaria kaiparaensis Sabellariidae (sabellariid)
Sabellida (Annelida: Polychaeta)
Neosabellaria  kaiparaensis  (Augener, 1926).   Family Sabellariidae  
     Neosabellaria kaiparaensis
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 Habitat: Intertidal. Rocky shore. Open beaches. Depth range: 0 - 60 (m). Salinity regime: Marine only. Microhabitat:  Low mounds of colonies attached to rocks, mid to low tide. Tube: Sandgrain tube
Occurrence:  Uncommon but may have localised colonies. Density: 1000 (m2).
Distribution in NZ: North Island, esp. Taranaki coast. May be less common in South Island (but occurs Ruby Bay).
 Feeding guild: Surface filter-feeding.
 Diagnosis:  Genus Neosabellaria in Family Sabellariidae.
Neosabellaria species with opercular crown middle paleae of a single type, with pointed tip. Colonial in sand-grain tubes cemented into a mass. Colour:  Maximum size:  mm total length, mm body width.
 Notable aspect: Colonial polychaete
 Comparisons:  Paraidanthyrsus species have nuchal hooks.
 Taxonomy:  There seems to be no particular reason why N. kaiparaensis is the favoured name over Augener's two others. It also seems unlikely the three are distinct, but this has not been examined in detail.
 Distribution: Endemic. Not recorded outside New Zealand
 Biology: Large colonies only known from intertidal. Rock dweller but requires nearby sand supply. Occasionally one or two found settled on live mollusc shell
 Best References:   Biology: Ekdale and Lewis (1993) Sabellariid Reefs in Ruby Bay, New Zealand: A Modern Analogue of Skolithos "Piperock" that is Not Produced by Burrowing Activity.. Palaios 8:614-620 Taxonomy: No recommendation.

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