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Lumbrineris sphaerocephala Lumbrineridae (lumbrinerid)
Eunicida (Annelida: Polychaeta)
Lumbrineris  sphaerocephala  (Schmarda, 1861).   Family Lumbrineridae  
     Lumbrineris sphaerocephala head.
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 Habitat: Intertidal. Subtidal. Rocky shore. Sheltered to open beaches. Infaunal. Epifaunal. Depth range: 0-100 (m). Salinity regime: Harbour-like variation. Microhabitat:  Cryptic in cracks, crevices, and lacunae. Tube: None or possibly a mucous sheet.
Occurrence:  Consistently occurring. Density: 100 (m2).
Distribution in NZ: New Zealand wide and offshore.
 Feeding guild: Surface omnivore.
 Diagnosis:  Genus Lumbrineris in Family Lumbrineridae.
Head is characteristically globular (not conical). Compound hooded hooks present in anterior parapodia along with capillaries; aciculae black; simple hooded hooks in posterior parapodia. Jaw maxilla III minutely bidentate. Colour: Brown-banded or uniformly dark coloured. Maximum size: 110 mm total length, 4 mm body width.
 Notable aspect: Head is characteristically globular. Often dorsal body surface appears to have bands of dark brown.
 Comparisons:  An undescribed subtidal Lumbrineris also has a globular head.
 Taxonomy:  New Zealand Lumbrineridae are currently being reviewed. However, L. sphaerocephala seems likely to be unaffected by changes.
 Distribution: Endemic. New Zealand.
 Biology: Occurs commonly on all types of shores and in the shallows, and amongst epifauna, algal holdfasts etc. A wide range of habitats.
 Best References:   Biology: No recommendation. Taxonomy: Knox and Green (1972) The Polychaetous Annelids of New Zealand Part 2: Lumbrineridae. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 2:69-81.

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