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Lumbrineridae Family Lumbrineridae (lumbrinerid)
Eunicida (Annelida: Polychaeta)
About Family Lumbrineridae polychaetes in New Zealand.  
How to recognise the family: Muscular, elongate, cylindrical worms with reduced parapodia, usually without notopodia and without ventral cirri. Chaetae consist of simple capillaries and hooks, and sometimes compound hooded hooks. The head is conical or spherical, without appendages, or with three very short posterior antennae in the genus Lysarete. Complex chitinous maxillae are present above the mandibles and the maxillary 'carriers' are short, unlike in the Oenonidae. The pygidium has no anal cirri, or one or two pairs of short cirri. Lumbrinerids are probably mostly carnivores. Adult size: To 200 mm in length, though usually smaller.
How to recognise the New Zealand genera: Lumbrineris is the major lumbrinerid genus with numerous species assigned to it. At present it is undergoing reassessment, so that all previous names given to New Zealand species of this genus are uncertain. Externally lumbrinerids appear rather homogeneous except that Ninoe has multiple branchial lobes arranged like the fingers of a hand and placed posterior to the chaetae.
Quick pick shore species: Ninoe ninetta Kirkegaard, 1995 is described from offshore New Zealand (previously described from near-shore by Knox as Ninoe falklandica Monro, 1936). Genus Scoletoma includes former Lumbrineris with only simple hooks, and there are other genera used by recent authors based on characters of the jaw maxillae and combinations of chaetal types. [add id for Castlepoint lumbrinerid].
Possible misidentifications: None.
Distributions, lifestyle, and habitat: Throughout New Zealand. Intertidal, and subtidal across the continental shelf. Burrowing in soft substrata or in sediment-filled rock crevices.
Abundance: Moderately common.
Taxonomic note: Lumbrineridae now includes Lysarete (no New Zealand records), and thus the family Lysaretidae no longer exists. Other former lysaretids, Oenone and Tainokia, go to the family Oenonidae.
References: (Augener 1924b: p424-430), (Frame 1992: p185-218), (Kirkegaard 1995: p51), (Knox 1951b: p69, f13-17), (Knox 1960a: p132, f211-219), (Knox & Green 1972b: p69-81, f1-52), (Knox & Green 1973: p247-252, f1-2), (McIntosh 1885: p248, P18a.5-9, 36.18-19), (Orensanz 1990: p133-136, P40-41).
(Full citations at Family pages literature cited list.)

Species in the guide: Rock Species: Lumbrineris sphaerocephala
Sand Species: None for this family.
Shell Species: None for this family.

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