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Jirkov: Paper titles, 1980-96

1. Jirkov, I.A., 1980. On the abyssal Polychaeta fauna of the Canadian basin - "Biology of the Central. Arctic Basin". Acad. Sci. USSR Press:229-236 (in Russian, with English summary).

2. Jirkov, I.A., 1982. On the abyssal Polychaeta' fauna of the Norwegian sea - Transactions Shirshov Inst. oceanology, Acad. Sci. USSR Press, v.117:128-134 (in Russian, with English summary).

3. Jirkov, I.A., 1982. Particularity of Polychaeta distribution within deep Arctic - 2nd Soviet ocean. conf., Yaltha, December 10-17 1982, abstracts, Sebastopol, v.5, pt.1:34-35 (in Russian).

4. Tsetlin, A.B., I.A. Jirkov, N.P. Markelova, 1983.Polychaeta of the White sea (Spiomorpha, Drilomorpha, Terebellomorpha) - Arch. Zool. mus. Moscow St. Univ., v.20:166-186 (in Russian, with English summary).

5. Jirkov, I.A., 1985. Amphicteis ninonae sp. nov. (Polychaeta, Ampharetidae) from the northern waters - Zool. Zh., v.64, 12:1894-1897 (in Russian, with English summary).

6. Jirkov, I.A., A.N. Mironov, 1985. Contribution to zoogeography of arctic Polychaeta - Transactions Shirshov Inst. ocean., Acad. Sci. USSR Press, v.120:137-151 (in Russian, with English summary).

7. Jirkov, I.A., 1986. Nephtys zatsepini sp. nov. (Polychaeta, Nephtyidae) from the Barents sea - Biol. Sci., n.1.:39-42 (in Russian, with English summary).

8. Jirkov, I.A., 1986. Zatsepinia rittichae gen. et sp. nov. (Polychaeta, Ampharetidae) from the Norwegian and Barents seas - Zool. Zh., v.65, 2:289-291 (in Russian, with English summary).

9. Jirkov, I.A., 1986. Analysis of taxonomic features of the genus Samythella (Polychaeta, Ampharetidae) - Zool. Zh., v.65, 3:325-332 (in Russian, with English summary).

10. Golikova, T.I., L.A. Panchenko, V.F.Osadchih, & I.A. Jirkov, 1987. Emulation statistical model of biomass dynamics of the northern Caspian Sea zoobenthos - "Theoretic ecology", Moscow States Univ. Press:149-169 (in Russian).

11. Sikorsky, A.V., Jirkov I.A. & Tsetlin A.B., 1988. The genus Laonice (Polychaeta, Spionidae) within the Arctic ocean: weighting the taxonomic characters and species composition - Zool. Zh., v.67, 6:826-838 (in Russian, with English summary).

12. Jirkov, I.A. & Ermolaev I.G., 1989. Analysis of variation of taxonomic characters in the genus Nothria (Polychaeta, Onuphidae) - Zool. Zh., v.68, 3:5-13 (in Russian, with English summary).

13. Jirkov, I.A., 1989. Bottom fauna of the USSR. Polychaeta. - Moscow State Univ. Press:1-141 (in Russian).

14. Jirkov, I.A., 1994. Two new species Ampharete (Polychaeta: Ampharetidae) from the North-Western Pacific with discussion of paleae as taxonomic character of Ampharetinae - Zool. Zh., 73, 4:28-32 (in Russian, with English summary).

15. Jirkov, I.A., 1994. Sosane holthei sp.nov. (Polychaeta: Ampharetidae) from North-Western Pacific with review of Sosane and similar genera - Zool. Zh., 73, 4:33-38 (in Russian, with English summary).

16. Dauvin, J.-C., M. Kendall, G. Paterson, I. Jirkov, M. Sheader & M.De Lange, 1994. An initial assessment of polychaete diversity in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean - Biodiversity Letters, 2:171-181.

17. Jirkov, I.A. & N.Yu. Paraketsova, 1996. Review of the genus Micronephthys (Polychaeta, Nephtyidae) from the White Sea - Zool. Zh., 75, 6:831-840 (in Russian, with English summary).

18. Kupriyanova, E.K. & I.A. Jirkov, in press. Serpulidae (Annelida, Polychaeta) of the Arctic Ocean - Sarsia.

19. Jirkov, I.A., in press. Ampharete petersenae Jirkov, sp.nov. (Ampharetidae: Polychaeta) from the Northern Atlantic - Zool. Zh., 75 (in Russian, with English summary).

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