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What's new at Annelid Resources pages?

Additions and development history

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October and November 2000

Added a book review page. Updated somewhat the page on Phylogeny of annelids

September 2000

Added Summary of Frank Licher's monograph and synonymy index to Typosyllis (not in the printed monograph). Added Rob Blakemore's report on exotic earthworms in Australia. Earlier Annelid Resources appeared as the featured site visit in "Science" issue of 28 July.

May 2000

Continual updating in the first months of year 2000, including polychaetologist addresses. Annelid allies category on the main pages now largely integrated with the main annelid groups. Images page now mostly points to onsite pages, the search engines, and major image archives. New pages for New Zealand polychaetes (under construction) and for Schmarda's colour plates.

November 1999

Annelid Resources well reviewed in the Scout Report for Science & Engineering of November 10, 1999. A search engine added to the home page.

June - September 1999

Moved ANNELIDA list information from the Annelid Resources home page to its own page here. Added a page on the rare NZ spionid Spio aequalis. Added a background page and a download page for Chris Glasby's free PDF copy of his namanereid monograph. Also updated the pages on books and journals and on phylogeny of annelids and allies.

May 1999

Guide to writing zoological names for non-taxonomists

October and November 1998

The usual updating, plus a (brief!) 1998 6th IPC in Brazil, Conference report, and (more substantially) the Abstracts of the 6th IPC 1998 (author/title listing with links to abstracts), and a short preliminary notice of the 2001 7th IPC in Iceland.

June 1998

It's been a quiet few months for Annelid Resources due to lack of time for new developments. However, new external links have been kept up-to-date, as has the researcher address list PRO, and some maintenance and updating of old files has been completed. A new translation was added. Old copies of PRO have been removed to avoid confusion for people using old links.

January 1998

The earthworm-eater planarian, Artioposthia triangulata gets a home page. Status of the Annelida now covers Fauchald and Rouse's recent historical review and family-level cladistic papers.

December 1997

Polychaete Researchers Online has been thoroughly revised and is presented in a new format which should be even easier to use and, perhaps more importantly, easy to update and insert new entries. For the diehards preferring hardcopy there is a downloadable version formatted for printing.

November 1997

The annelid resources pages are currently undergoing a spring-cleaning after our host server moves again and re-opens at University of New Orleans http://biodiversity.uno.edu/. Drop me a line if you see anything that doesn't work.
State of the play in annelid phylogeny

September 1997

Second Circular of the 1998 Polychaete conference
More translations
IPC Constitution

May 1997

New version of Polychaete Researchers Online (PRO). Edition Seven (First Release, 1 May 1997).

April 1997

First Internet release of Ward and Fauchald revised Polychaete Bibliography of just under 17500 references.
Some other updating, including more Polychaetologist home pages.

January 1997

New frames version of Polychaete Researchers Online (PRO). Edition Six (First Release, 1 January 1997)

October 1996

Tom Parker's Misdiagnosis of pilargid Parandalia ocularis.
Frames version of PRO Edition Five (First Release, 1 October 1996)

July 1996

Added this 'What's new' page and a form to submit URL's & information.
Sixth Int. Polychaete Conf. first Circular
Our host server moves. Muse project closes at Cornell and re-opens at University of Kansas Natural History Museum (www.keil.ukans.edu) circa 18th July. We tag along!

June 1996

Diagnostic Difficulties with Polychaetes in the genus Pista (Terebellidae)

May 1996

Seventh Int. Symp. Aquatic Oligochaetes
Added more offsite links, including Mark Siddall's Leech pages.
Annelid Resources WWW pages open at Cornell Biodiversity server.
First publicity after about thirty five Annelid Resources files get online courtesy of Cornell Muse site and Julian Humphries.

September 1995

First CHAETOZONE and PRO WWW page at Actrix.

October 1994

First 'Polychaete Researchers Online' PRO listing circulated
( PRO updates or new entries may now be easily submitted via WWW).

February 1994

First CHAETOZONE e-newsletter for polychaetes circulated.

Under development by Geoff Read

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